BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
korg/linux-4.9.yLinux 4.9.197Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-post-bringupMerge branch 'ath11k-bringup' into ath11k-post-bringupKalle Valo4 days
korg/kvalo/ath/ath11k-bringupath11k: whitespace cleanup in core.cKalle Valo4 days
korg/kvalo/ath/pending-ath11kath11k: whitespace cleanup in core.cKalle Valo4 days
kernel.lnx.4.9.r27-relARM: dts: msm: Modify the MakefileRahul Shahare4 days
LE.UM.3.2.2.r1.1Merge changes I5c6c7ec7,I0aa31d85 into LE.UM.3.2.2.r1.1Linux Build Service Account5 days
korg/kvalo/ath/masterAdd localversion-wireless-testing-athKalle Valo6 days
korg/kvalo/ath/ath-qcaMerge branch 'ath-next' into ath-qcaKalle Valo6 days
korg/kvalo/ath/ath-nextath10k: Correct error handling of dma_map_single()Bjorn Andersson6 days
korg/kvalo/ath/master-pendingMerge branch 'pending' into master-pendingKalle Valo7 days
LE.UM.3.2.2.r1-02300-sdm845.0commit 62e5887009...Linux Build Service Account2 days
v4.9.197commit 364ef83db0...Greg Kroah-Hartman3 days
LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-04700-89xx.0commit 5f2f80c9a6...Linux Build Service Account3 days
LE.UM.2.3.3.r1-06400-QCS605.0commit e53b45b0ae...Linux Build Service Account4 days
ath-201910140843commit cb8d150ecb...Kalle Valo6 days
ath-201910110847commit 17e1c6cc88...Kalle Valo9 days
android-wear-9.0.0_r0.33commit a5c5dd3fde...The Android Open Source Project10 days
android-10.0.0_r0.12commit 3206e079fc...The Android Open Source Project13 days
android-10.0.0_r0.10commit 3206e079fc...The Android Open Source Project13 days
android-10.0.0_r0.8commit f227b9244f...The Android Open Source Project13 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-03-09Merge "ARM: dts: msm: delete bootargs which kernel not support"LE.UM.2.3.2-18000-SDX24CogSystems-msm-49/msm-4.9Linux Build Service Account1-4/+0
2018-03-09Merge "msm: mdss: Release the fences after signalling"Linux Build Service Account1-14/+39
2018-03-09Merge "ARM: dts: msm: Remove peripheral only mode for 8953"Linux Build Service Account2-2/+0
2018-03-09Merge "msm: kgsl: Correctly limit max number of contexts per process"Linux Build Service Account2-0/+10
2018-03-09Merge "usb: phy-msm-qusb-v2: Move qusb_phy_host_init to qusb_phy_init"Linux Build Service Account1-4/+6
2018-03-09Merge "defconfig: msm8953: Enable SPDM for msm8953"Linux Build Service Account2-0/+4
2018-03-09Merge "scsi: ufs: print TSTBUS_UTP_HCI testbus data"Linux Build Service Account1-0/+23
2018-03-09Merge "power: qpnp-qg: Use both charge & discharge tables for PON SOC"Linux Build Service Account5-32/+63
2018-03-09Merge "defconfig: msm8953: add config options for FB driver on 32-bit msm8953"Linux Build Service Account2-0/+12
2018-03-09Merge "ARM: dts: msm: Correct ADC interrupt argument for PMI632"Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1