BranchCommit messageAuthorAge skia/third_party/externals/angle2/ bed35d766..8c3988c59 (1 commit)angle-deps-roller@chromium.org3 years skia/third_party/externals/angle2/ c677795f9..18841310d (1 commit)angle-deps-roller@chromium.org3 years Swarming bot changes to m63. Individual commits follow.Ben Wagner3 years[M62 cherry-pick] Disable deferred proxies a different way in ChromeRobert Phillips3 years new infra pool luci.infra.try for swarmbucket.Andrii Shyshkalov3 years to speed up drawing 32bit images into 565Mike Reed3 years vectorize sk_memset{16,32,64}Mike Klein3 years
m60Uplevel for Chromium 60.0.3112.78Vivek Sekhar3 years FreeType glyph bitmap to mask.Ben Wagner3 years supporting kUnknown_BmpHeaderTypeDerek Sollenberger3 years
chrome/m38_2125commit f3ffa8b4d5...bungeman6 years
chrome/2138commit 00962b6982...hcm6 years
chrome/m37_2062commit 8e712021de...Ben Wagner6 years
chrome/m39_2138commit 00962b6982...Ben Wagner6 years
chrome/m37_2062_94commit 9112a5fed2...Ben Wagner6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-06-14Always encode images with sRGB encoded Sarett4-46/+39
2017-06-14fix f16 encodingMike Klein3-5/+21
2017-05-24add stage for gaussian alpha to rgba for shadowsMike Reed5-2778/+3110
2017-05-24Revert "Add animated webp images to DM testing"Leon Scroggins2-185/+185
2017-05-24Revert "SkShaderBase"Florin Malita61-729/+664
2017-05-24Enable chromecast gpu perfKevin Lubick12-23/+60
2017-05-24Reduce absolute paths in generated ninja files in skiaWei-Yin Chen (陳威尹)1-13/+25
2017-05-24SkShaderBaseFlorin Malita61-664/+729
2017-05-24Allow for non opaque colors for src-over lcd fallback case in gpuGreg Daniel1-2/+11
2017-05-24SkStream: DynamicMemoryWStream gets writeToAndResetHal Canary4-8/+30