BranchCommit messageAuthorAge bump.gccadmin43 hours bump.gccadmin43 hours bump.gccadmin43 hours bump.gccadmin43 hours bump.gccadmin43 hours Implement P0848R3, Conditionally Trivial Special Member Functions.jason4 days[og9] Wait on queue-full condition in AMD GCN libgomp offloading pluginJulian Brown6 days condition.Martin Liska11 days dmd 6a221a8d0, druntime 932d1c07, phobos 0acf29c38, and testsuiteIain Buclaw11 days math.h for M_PI et al in target/i386 testsAlexandre Oliva3 weeks
gcc-9_2_0-releasecommit 3e7b850619...jakub7 days
gcc-9_1_0-releasecommit 1f54d412a5...jakub4 months
gcc-8_3_0-releasecommit 4ac50a4913...gccadmin6 months
gcc-7_4_0-releasecommit 67641d6f9b...rguenth8 months
ubi32-2018-11-04commit 5d4a5ab4d5...Michael Eager9 months
gcc-6_5_0-releasecommit e4c9bd2bb2...gccadmin10 months
ubi32-2018-10-07commit c624bc949e...Michael Eager10 months
ubi32-2018-09-28commit 13b27892c9...Michael Eager11 months
ubi32-2018-09-19commit 5906327d81...Michael Eager11 months
ubi32-2018-09-12commit 15ccba555b...Michael Eager11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-06-07[SVE ACLE] Make assembly tests the default if Sandiford1409-1409/+16
2019-05-29[SVE ACLE] Make ccmp treat ~x on booleans as x == 0Richard Sandiford3-2/+104
2019-05-29[SVE ACLE] Prefer svptest comparisons to come firstRichard Sandiford4-7/+137
2019-05-29[SVE ACLE] Don't allow unpacked predicate constant moves before RARichard Sandiford3-33/+65
2019-05-29[SVE ACLE] Match predicated shifts in ADR patternsRichard Sandiford2-21/+41
2019-05-29[SVE ACLE] Add support for indexed forms of LD1RQRichard Sandiford15-37/+50
2019-05-28[SVE ACLE] Fix constraints for lane indicesRichard Sandiford23-12/+423
2019-05-28[SVE ACLE] Renumber registers in dual-type testsRichard Sandiford99-3059/+3065
2019-05-24[SVE ACLE] Fix SRA ICERichard Sandiford2-8/+25
2019-05-24[SVE ACLE] Various fixesRichard Sandiford11-334/+336