AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2 daysMerge tag 'for-v2020.01' of Rini11-10/+135
3 daysMerge tag 'dm-pull-15oct19' of Rini98-275/+1290
3 daysMerge branch '2019-10-15-master-imports'Tom Rini14-318/+64
3 daystravis: Split and rename xilinx ARM in to two jobsTom Rini1-4/+7
3 daystravis: Split sun8i in to two jobsTom Rini1-2/+5
3 daystravis: Split i.MX jobs a bit moreTom Rini1-4/+10
3 daysMAINTAINERS: Update ARM entryTom Rini2-3/+2
3 daysMakefile: Skip symbolic links to files for cscopeAndy Shevchenko1-0/+3
3 daysarm: remove the H2200 boardHeinrich Schuchardt9-288/+1
4 daysubi: env: fix redundand managementPhilippe Reynes2-1/+7
4 daysubi: Add "skipcheck" command to set/clear this bit in the UBI volume hdrStefan Roese2-0/+66
4 daysubi: Print skip_check in ubi_dump_vol_info()Stefan Roese1-0/+1
4 daysubi: provide a way to skip CRC checksQuentin Schulz7-9/+61
4 dayssandbox: fix build error due to missing struct udevice definitionAKASHI Takahiro1-0/+2
4 daysdm: Tidy up dump output when there are many devicesPatrick Delaunay2-3/+3
4 daysdm: pinctrl: introduce PINCONF_RECURSIVE optionPatrick Delaunay2-1/+28
4 daysdm: core: device: switch off power domain after device removalAnatolij Gustschin1-0/+5
4 dayspower: domain: Introduce dev_power_domain_offLokesh Vutla2-7/+45
4 daysremoteproc: k3_arm64: Enable DM_FLAG_DEFAULT_PD_CTRL_OFFLokesh Vutla1-0/+1
4 daysdm: core: Allow for not controlling the power-domain by DM frameworkLokesh Vutla2-1/+5
4 daysdm: device: Fix typo in the non-DEVRES version of devm_kmalloc_array()Jean-Jacques Hiblot1-2/+2
4 dayspatman: Use the Change-Id, version, and prefix in the Message-IdDouglas Anderson4-5/+85
4 dayscmd: aes: use map_sysmem when accessing memoryPhilippe Reynes1-4/+10
4 dayssandbox64: enable command aesPhilippe Reynes1-0/+1
4 dayssandbox: enable command aesPhilippe Reynes1-0/+1
4 dayslibfdt: fix typo on commentGiulio Benetti1-1/+1
4 daysrsa: Return immediately if required-key verification failsDaniele Alessandrelli1-2/+1
4 dayspytest: vboot: add a test for required keyPhilippe Reynes2-0/+103
4 daysdm: pinctrl: Skip not associated gpio phandle and rise a warning messageMichael Trimarchi1-4/+10
4 dayscore: device: use dev_power_domain_onPeng Fan1-3/+3
4 dayspower: domain: add dev_power_domain_onPeng Fan2-0/+38
4 daysdm: spi: Do not assume first SPI busThomas Fitzsimmons1-1/+1
4 daysdm: device: Request next sequence numberThomas Fitzsimmons2-1/+8
4 daystpm2: Don't assume active low reset valueKayla Theil1-2/+2
4 daysdm: Fix default address cells return valueMatthias Brugger1-1/+1
4 dayslibfdt: Allow #size-cells of 0Matthias Brugger1-3/+5
4 dayslibfdt: return correct value if #size-cells property is not presentMatthias Brugger2-4/+14
4 dayslibfdt: fdt_address_cells() and fdt_size_cells()Matthias Brugger2-23/+14
4 dayssandbox: fix cpu property in test.dts for pytestAKASHI Takahiro1-11/+13
4 daysdoc: add full path to patman READMERalph Siemsen1-1/+1
4 daysdm: pinctrl: introduce PINCONF_RECURSIVE optionPatrick Delaunay2-0/+27
4 daysbinman: Drop comment-out code in testUpdateFdtOutput()Simon Glass1-2/+0
4 daysbinman: Add logging for the number of pack passesSimon Glass1-0/+1
4 daysbinman: Write symbol info before image inclusionSimon Glass1-1/+1
4 daysbinman: Support writing symbols into entries within an IFWISimon Glass1-0/+5
4 daysbinman: Update IFWI entry to support updatesSimon Glass1-18/+28
4 daysbinman: Update IFWI entry to read entries outside constructorSimon Glass1-0/+3
4 daysbinman: Fix entry comment for Intel descriptorSimon Glass1-1/+1
4 daysbinman: Add support for Intel FSP meminitSimon Glass4-0/+66
4 daysbinman: Allow support for writing a size symbol to binariesSimon Glass4-9/+12