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2012-03-27Split rsloaderCreateExec into 2 functions.Logan Chien1-1/+9
In some scenerio, such as cross-compilation, we have to load the ELF object file but not relocate them. Thus, we are going to provide 2 functions: 1. rsloaderLoadExecutable 2. rsloaderRelocateExecutable So that we can load the executable WITHOUT relocation. The behavior of rsloaderCreateExec is remained unchanged in this commit, though rsloaderCreateExec will become the composition of these 2 functions. Change-Id: Idb64aa77ac53161aa95879ccad8f46ce56c1d993
2012-02-29Remapping ELF section headers to match loaded codeStephen Hines1-1/+3
Remap ELF headers when rsloaderCreateExec is called so the object can be registered with GDB. Change-Id: I89de5caaee8caad5136d817698cf9fc8a5bd545b
2011-07-01Expose the interface for function name listing.Logan Chien1-0/+4
2011-06-19Fix librsloader.cpp, librsloader.h, and test-librsloader.c: Add prologue.Shih-wei Liao1-0/+16
Change-Id: I3ee6b2b78f5da7d6f92af9675fa2fc7c74a0207b
2011-06-17Add rsloaderGetSymbolSize for libbcc disassembler.Logan Chien1-0/+2
2011-06-12Wrap rsloader as a static library.Logan Chien1-0/+26