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2013-07-23Allow NaN/+inf/-inf defaults in micro/nano.Chris Smith1-0/+7
Adds support for default values of NaN, infinity and negative infinity for floats and doubles in both the nano and micro java compiler. Change-Id: Ibc43e5ebb073e51d9a8181f3aa23b72e10015dca
2013-07-19Update nano to serialize java keywords properly.Tom Chao1-0/+3
Change-Id: I7407d0fab609c336ecd73499e725aed0dd50f555
2013-04-03Prevent conflicts between local and proto variable names.Ulas Kirazci1-0/+5
Prefix access to proto variable names with "this.". Also remove unused GenerateMergingCode. Change-Id: I5f07d3252fc385c4174d9165b64785b40f676e17
2013-04-01Nano protobufs.Ulas Kirazci1-0/+171
Like micro protobufs except: - No setter/getter/hazzer functions. - Has state is not available. Outputs all fields != their default. - CodedInputStream can only take byte[] (not InputStream). - Repeated fields are in arrays, not ArrayList or Vector. - Unset messages/groups are null, not "defaultInstance()". - Required fields are always serialized. To use: - Link libprotobuf-java-2.3.0-nano runtime. - Use LOCAL_PROTOC_OPTIMIZE_TYPE := nano Change-Id: I7429015b3c5f7f38b7be01eb2d4927f7a9999c80