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2013-08-05Fix outer classname for javamicro/javanano.Max Cai1-1/+17
- File class name is defined as the java_outer_classname option value or the file name ToCamelCase; never the single message's ClassName. - File-scope enums are translated to constants in the file class, regardless of java_multiple_files. - If java_multiple_files=true, and file's class name equals a message's class name, no error. This is done by detecting that the outer class is not needed and skipping the outer class codegen and clash checks. Note: there is a disparity between java[lite] and the previous java{micr|nan}o: when generating code for a single-message proto, the outer class is omitted by java{micr|nan}o if the file does not have java_outer_classname. This change makes java{micr|nan}o align with java[lite] codegen and create the outer class, but will print some info to warn of potential change of code. - Also fixed the "is_own_file" detection and made all parseX() methods static. Previously, all messages in a java_multiple_files=true file are (incorrectly) considered to be in their own files, including nested messages, causing them to become inner classes (instance- bound) and forcing the parseX() methods to lose the static modifier. - This change supersedes c/60164 and c/60086, which causes javanano to put enum values into enum shell classes if java_multiple_files=true. We now always use the parent class to host the enum values. A future change will add a command line option to provide more flexibility. - Elaborated in java/README.txt. Change-Id: I684932f90e0a028ef37c662b221def5ffa202439
2013-07-25Per-file java_multiple_files flag.Max Cai1-0/+47
Imported source files may have different values for the 'java_multiple_files' option to the main source file's. Whether the fully qualified Java name of an entity should include the outer class name depends on the flag value in the file defining the referenced entity, not the main file. This CL loads the flag values from the main and all transitively imported files into the params, and generates the fully qualified Java names accordingly. If the generator option 'java_multiple_files' is set, its value overrides any in-file values in all source/imported files. This is because this generator option is typically used on either none or all source files. Change-Id: Id6a4a42426d68961dc669487d38f35530deb7d8e