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2014-01-10Extension overhaul.Max Cai1-0/+34
- Get rid of TypeLiteral<T>. It was introduced to read the component type of a List<T> at runtime. But we use arrays everywhere else, and we can always read the component type of an array type at runtime. - Properly read/write "minor" types (e.g. sint32, sfixed32). The old implementation could only read/write data as the "typical" types (one per Java type), e.g. java.lang.Integer -> int32, java.lang.Long -> int64. So if e.g. an extension specifies sfixed32 as the type, it would be read/written in the totally incompatible int32 format. - Properly serialize repeated packed fields. The old implementation doesn't do packed serialization. As an added bonus, and to be more aligned with the rest of protobuf nano / main, repeated packable extensions can deserialize both packed and non-packed data. - Split Extension class into a hierarchy so under typical usage a large chunk of code dealing with primitive type extensions can be removed by ProGuard. Bug: Change-Id: I0d692f35cc2a8ad3a5a1cb3ce001282b2356b041