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2014-07-15Fix access around unknownFieldData.Max Cai1-1/+1
Instead of publishing its class I chose to encapsulate the troublesome references in equals()/hashCode() in the generated code into superclass methods in ExtendableMessageNano. Changed a couple of java packages in the test suite to catch this issue easier in the future. Change-Id: I43f88411f63bb6f3ffc8d63361f2f77bebf6220a
2014-01-10Extension overhaul.Max Cai1-19/+2
- Get rid of TypeLiteral<T>. It was introduced to read the component type of a List<T> at runtime. But we use arrays everywhere else, and we can always read the component type of an array type at runtime. - Properly read/write "minor" types (e.g. sint32, sfixed32). The old implementation could only read/write data as the "typical" types (one per Java type), e.g. java.lang.Integer -> int32, java.lang.Long -> int64. So if e.g. an extension specifies sfixed32 as the type, it would be read/written in the totally incompatible int32 format. - Properly serialize repeated packed fields. The old implementation doesn't do packed serialization. As an added bonus, and to be more aligned with the rest of protobuf nano / main, repeated packable extensions can deserialize both packed and non-packed data. - Split Extension class into a hierarchy so under typical usage a large chunk of code dealing with primitive type extensions can be removed by ProGuard. Bug: Change-Id: I0d692f35cc2a8ad3a5a1cb3ce001282b2356b041
2013-10-04Fix roundtrip failure with groups when unknown fields are enabled.Nicholas Seckar1-0/+6
When parsing a group, the group's end tag should not be stored within the message's unknownFieldData. Not only does this waste space, it is also output the next time the group is serialized, resulting in two end tags for that group. The resulting bytes are not always a valid protocol buffer and may fail to parse. This change ensures that group end tags do not result in an unknownFieldData entry, and that messages with groups can be roundtripped without corruption. Change-Id: I240f858a7217a7652b756598c34aacad5dcc3363 Conflicts: java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/
2013-06-24Nano support for extensions and unknown fields.Brian Duff1-0/+44
You can use the processor option store_unknown_fields to switch this support on: aprotoc --javanano_out=store_unknown_fields=true:/tmp/out A separate option for extensions isn't required. Support for unknown fields must be turned on to allow storing and retrieving extensions, because they are just stored as unknown fields. If unknown fields are switched on, extension related code will be generated when a proto message includes an extension range, or an extension is encountered. By default, store_unknown_fields is false. No additional code is generated, and the generator will error out if protos contain extension ranges or extensions. Change-Id: I1e034c9e8f3305612953f72438189a7da6ed2167