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2014-04-25Support generation of Parcelable nano messages.Jeff Davidson1-3/+18
This CL adds the "parcelable_messages" option. When enabled, all generated message classes will conform to the Android Parcelable contract. This is achieved by introducing a new parent class for generated classes which implements the required functionality. Since the store_unknown_fields option also makes use of a superclass, ExtendableMessageNano, we have two versions of the new Parcelable superclass: one extending MessageNano, and one extending ExtendableMessageNano. These classes are otherwise identical. As these classes depend on Android framework jars, they are not included in the host .jar build of the nanoproto library. Finally, add a test suite for running tests of Android-specific functionality, as this cannot be done on a desktop JVM. Change-Id: Icc2a257f03317e947f7078dbb9857c3286857497
2013-08-13Merge commit '11c3b27d' into fix-mcWink Saville1-1/+19
* commit '11c3b27d': Add a Gradle build file for the protobuf libraries. Change-Id: Id785093c51eb423576292994a98d42efbbc3fddb
2013-08-08Add a Gradle build file for the protobuf libraries.Adam Metcalf1-0/+68
Has two configurations: micro and nano. Change-Id: I009f956e11cf13694738743a757438ebf181b340
2013-07-15Added micro/nano configurations to protobuf in gradle.Adam Metcalf1-36/+36
Change-Id: I7655fafcb4ca3bd6e090d7fd549eda2eb989bfcf
2013-06-17Gradle project file.Adam Metcalf1-0/+51
Adds a gradle project file so that other projects can use the :micro and :nano libraries. Change-Id: I7e5aeb584acd11d39e57bf9d4ecfc3af175ffbb2