BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bt.lnx.3.2.0Changes for CR 2508953 and 2508373.Kameshwar Singh8 days
caf/bt.lnx.3.2.r2-relMerge 3fa35045488bcb70f6e16b060bdf06a86adfc5f9 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account3 months
LA.UM.6.2.r1-13200-sdm660.0commit 862180e93b...Linux Build Service Account9 days
LA.UM.6.8.1.r3-00800-QCS605.0commit f36aacab41...Linux Build Service Account2 weeks
LA.UM.6.2.r1-13100-sdm660.0commit 862180e93b...Linux Build Service Account3 weeks
LA.UM.6.8.1.c1-01000-QCS605.0commit f36aacab41...Linux Build Service Account3 weeks
android-vts-8.1_r9commit b29da02e4b...The Android Open Source Project5 weeks
android-cts-8.1_r16commit b29da02e4b...The Android Open Source Project5 weeks
LA.UM.6.4.r1-12900-8x98.0commit 862180e93b...Linux Build Service Account6 weeks
LA.UM.6.2.r1-12700-sdm660.0commit 862180e93b...Linux Build Service Account2 months
LA.UM.6.8.1.r3-00400-QCS605.0commit f36aacab41...Linux Build Service Account3 months
LA.UM.6.2.r1-12500-sdm660.0commit 1052d3f1c9...Linux Build Service Account4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 daysChanges for CR 2508953 and Singh5-53/+180
2019-08-30Dual A2DP Sink feature related changes to fix CRs 2503894, 2509092, 2509175, ...Hari Nandha J R3-13/+19
2019-05-15CR 2397126 - API for reading BT RSSIHari Nandha J R5-2/+106
2019-04-02PR-43715 : Dual A2DP Sink Supportpkengond9-510/+1047
2019-03-22PR28223 - MAP Client - Support for IM Message ObjectHari Nandha J R4-2/+6
2018-09-10Yardhold feature for Genoapkengond3-1/+52
2018-09-07Yardhold feature for genoapkengond1-0/+6
2018-09-07Merge "LMP feature for genoa. project:platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth" into ...CNSS_WLAN Service5-5/+262
2018-09-06LMP feature for genoa.Hemanth Varadha6-15/+274
2018-07-09Fixed connection issues of phone UI for profiles HS,A2DP,PANpkengond1-10/+12