BranchCommit messageAuthorAge a diagnostic message to wxDateTime::UNow() unit testVadim Zeitlin3 days drawing border with GTK3 when non-native control is a child of a native w...Paul Cornett2 weeks another missed wxOVERRIDERobin Dunn7 weeks changelog entry for Zeitlin2 years code snippetRobin Dunn3 years the addition of wxLANGUAGE_KABYLE.Lauri Nurmi4 years SVN branch for GSoC 2014 wxTaskBarButton project.Bryan Petty5 years qt auto buffer swappingVadim Zeitlin5 years branch for GSoC 2014 wxQt project work.Vadim Zeitlin5 years blank wxComboBox appearance broken by the changes of r75134.Robin Dunn6 years to the trunk headJohn Chain8 years iOS src files to Xcode projectLinas Valiukas8 years in from trunk r68684 - r69046Steve Lamerton8 years memory leak and access violation when releasing storyboardsBogdan Gabriel Chiciu8 years dialog properties.Julian Smart9 years with the trunk and some minor fixes.Vadim Zeitlin9 years some more failing tests under wxGTKSteve Lamerton9 years window of MSW wxProgressDialog gains focus when the dialog ends.Rickard Westerlund9 years fixes and cleanup for wxSymbian.Vadim Zeitlin10 years off by 1 errors in owner-drawn menu drawing code in wxMSW.Vadim Zeitlin10 years wxDocManager::GetLastDirectory() when there is no history.Vadim Zeitlin10 years diagnostic information for inotify fswatcherBartosz Bekier10 years setting of styles for wxAuiNotebookMalcolm MacLeod10 years tab bar of a ribbon bar is now hidden by default when there is only a sin...Peter Cawley10 years duplicate code that was landed when forward porting.Kevin Ollivier11 years more sample imagesMokhtar M. Khorshid11 years in count the --enable-no_rtti config flagFrancesco Montorsi12 years errorBo Yang12 years several bugs in mod_wx, and added appUrl and scriptUrl parametersJohn Wilmes12 years wxPython portion of wx 2.6 branch to new locationRobin Dunn12 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchBryan Petty13 years wxTextCtrl::CreatePeer for wxMac.Robin Dunn13 years X11 implementation to be generic for every port that has no native ev...Angel Vidal Veiga13 years RTL support to sizers, which is required in wxGTK only.Diaa Mahmoud Sami13 years sdl.m4 from SDL v1.2.11Michael Wetherell13 years pkg.m4 from pkg-config 0.20Michael Wetherell13 years gtk.m4 from gtk+ 1.2.10.Michael Wetherell13 years bakefile-lang.m4 and bakefile.m4 from bakefile SVN 2006-08-10.Michael Wetherell13 years cppunit.m4 from cppunit 1.10.2.Michael Wetherell13 years the wx2.4.pth alternative path.Ron Lee14 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchBryan Petty14 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'GSTREAMER'.Bryan Petty14 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'GTK2'.Bryan Petty14 years zlib 1.2.3Michael Wetherell14 years the IsVisible assert in GetNextVisibleRobin Dunn15 years libpng 1.2.7Václav Slavík15 years regex from tcl 8.4.5Ryan Norton16 years my customized wxSWIG since I have now converted to using theRobin Dunn16 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'EXPAT'.Bryan Petty16 years fixesVáclav Slavík16 years EVT_WINDOW_DESTROY (REALLY on the private branch this time.)Robin Dunn17 years fix: missing ctype.h include (bug 634443)Vadim Zeitlin17 years code to make it possible to use wxDateTime without the rest of w...Vadim Zeitlin17 years XPM colour depthVadim Zeitlin18 years can now be used together with the native version as well asVadim Zeitlin20 years wxRect::Get/Set/Right/BottomJulian Smart20 years commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'karsten'.Bryan Petty21 years